Philippe Rombaut

Co-owner of Agropolychim

Philippe Rombaut

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Panel: The role of ESG:Aligning ESG mandates with financial return.

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Philippe Rombaut is an industrialist with a passion for agriculture who lives in Bulgaria for 26 years.

He started to work in Bulgaria in 1997 as the CEO of the Union Miniere Pirdop copper smelter, now Aurubis and implemented then the largest historical pollution clean up operation with support of the World Bank and started a transformational investment program financed by the European Investment Bank.

Since 2001, he is co-owner of Agropolychim which was then in liquidation but now the largest and the most profitable fertilizer company in Southeast Europe selling over 1.2 mio tons of fertilizers. Agropolychim is also one of the very few nearly carbon neutral fertilizer plants in the world having implemented pioneering technologies to reduce CO2 emissions already in 2005 and in 2016 and expecting the first full cargo of blue ammonia to arrive in Europe on June 28th.

His agricultural operation in Vidin, northwest of Bulgaria, is completely geared towards regenerative agriculture and comprises a large supercritical CO2 extraction facility.

Philippe is Belgian, has a Master’s in Law and a BA in Economics from Leuven and speaks 5 languages.

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